It's the swallow's life for me

It's the swallow's life for me
Photo by Ethan Robertson / Unsplash

Imagine never having to experience Winter.. Cold, rainy, dreary.. Eww. But never mind, it's easier than ever to avoid the dark clouds and the cold spells. Summer is just a plane ticket away!

Like swallows, many people have opted to travel the world in constant search of warmer weather. So when are the best months to visit your favorite countries? Let's take a look:


This ever popular country for nomads and tourists is famous for it's polar opposite weather. You can enjoy calm waters, balmy breezes as well as monsoons and heavy rains. The best months to visit are between November and February when you'll experience moderate temperatures, clear water and amazingly green forests. This is however, the busy season for Thailand so expect to pay higher prices and see more tourists around.


Greece has much to offer travelers. Whether you like ancient history or just want to relax on the beach and admire the scenery, you wont be disappointed. The best time to experience great weather is between April and June. The temperatures reach around 74.8 degrees F, if you're after hot weather, June is best when temps are over 84 degrees F.


Its a bit difficult to determine the best time to visit Mexico as it's a huge country with vast differences in topography and thus many different micro climates. But generally speaking, April and May are considered idyllic with mild temperatures and fairly light amounts of crowds.

South Africa

South Africa relies heavily on it's tourism industry and as such, high seasons bring high prices for travelers. It's for this reason that many people suggest visiting during the "Shoulder seasons" either Autumn (March - May) or Spring (September - November). This will ensure you still have great weather while avoiding the bulk of the crowds and the high prices.


Like South Africa, Spanish businesses also rely on tourism for a huge chunk of their income and also experience high numbers of tourists during the summer months. The shoulder seasons here are also March to May and September to November. You'll still have excellent weather and benefit from cheaper prices.


Bali is said to only experience 2 seasons, the wet season and the dry season. The dry season is between April and October and is the best time to visit for beachbums. Beware the crowds though as it's peak tourism season during these months.

The Netherlands

While you wont be spending much time on a beach in The Netherlands, there are plenty of other activities to experience here. You'll find excellent, relatively rain free weather and mild temperatures around April and September. April is also the height of Tulip season so take the time to enjoy the massive fields of colorful blooms.

With so many options to choose from, you can confidently say Good Bye to Winter for good! Where in the world is your favorite spot?