Gareth Dwyer

  • The safest countries for solo travelers

    Traveling alone may sound daunting, no matter what your gender. We all become easy targets for pick pockets, petty criminals, hijackers and unfortunately, much much worse. So picking the right country when embarking on a solo journey is extremely important. Take some time to research the crime stats of the
  • How to celebrate Christmas while abroad.

    Christmas is a magical time of year, it brings people together in unique ways. But Christmas is not a cookie cutter tradition that looks the same the World over. Each culture has it's own unique and special way of celebrating. Some center around religious beliefs, and others are just focused
  • The nomad's Christmas wish list

    It's That time of the year again... When we all make frantic trips to the mall in search of the perfect gift for loved ones. With so many people becoming full time travelers now, buying gifts just got a little more difficult. Thankfully, we have taken the guess work out
  • How to stay productive while working remotely

    One of the hardest things about being a nomad is managing your work-life balance. It can be so easy to fall into the bottomless pit of work work work with no personal time or on the other hand, play play play with no time to get to your work tasks.
  • Ever heard of dark tourism?

    Not everyone likes sunshine and daisies. Some prefer the darker things in life, like dark clothes, dark music and... dark travel destinations? So what is a dark tourist? Simple, they are normal people who prefer to skip the usual beach and hiking holidays in favor of slightly more ominous destinations
  • Can you visit Ukraine right now?

    Visiting a war torn country may not be everyone's cup of tea but don't cross Ukraine off your travel bucket list just yet. While most countries continue to advise their citizens not to travel to Ukraine due to safety concerns, Ukraine itself has opened certain borders for tourists.
  • Upcoming events in our area for November & December

    Kenton-on-Sea, along with the rest of the Sunshine Coast area, is always a hive of activity over the summer months. You'll find plenty of family friendly events to keep everyone busy while you're on holiday in our beautiful part of the world. Here is a quick look at the upcoming
  • Whale watching spots in South Africa

    Part 2 We all know Hermanus takes the number 1 spot for whale watching towns in South Africa, but where else can you see them? Let's find out: Local is lekker - Kenton-on-sea is lucky to have many beautiful beaches in the area that are perfect for whale watching. For
  • Best places for whale watching

    Part 1 - International locations It's whale watching season - Here are some of the best places in the world to witness these amazing creatures as they migrate to their breeding grounds. Western AustraliaThe best months to visit are between May & December when the humpbacks, southern rights, and blue
  • Up coming Halloween events to check out in Cape Town

    Its spooky season and the Mother City is planning some spectacular events! Although Halloween isn't as widely popular as other countries, bigger cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg can be counted on to give you at least a few good options to choose from on the day. So if
  • New digital nomad visa planned for Spain

    Great news! In the hopes of attracting more travelers to their shores, the Spanish government has announced it's intention to create a Digital Nomad visa and although details are still forthcoming, here is what we do know so far; Validity: This info has not been confirmed as yet, however it
  • The Nomad Base Live Convention is coming to Cape Town

    Are you a digital nomad currently in or thinking of going to Cape Town within the next few weeks? You've chosen the perfect time! Not only is the weather spectacular this time of year but there is also a huge digital nomad convention being held in November. The Nomad Base
  • Best game reserves to visit near Kenton-on-sea

    It's no secret that the Eastern Cape is home to some of the finest game reserves in the country. Around Kenton-on-sea itself, you'll find several world class reserves within an hour's drive. Here's a break down of the finest: Sibuya Game ReserveSibuya is the only game reserve that is accessed
  • The Poor man's game drive - Kenton-on-Sea

    Are you visiting the area and looking for something to do that is budget friendly, family friendly and great fun? Why not try the Poor man's game drive? The Poor man's game drive is a public road that runs through and borders some of the biggest game reserves in the
  • Best Beach Resorts in South Africa

    Many people envision a safari when they think of Africa, but some of the world's most exclusive beach resorts can also be found along its coasts. Several possibilities are available if you want the ultimate in seclusion, leisure, and outdoor activity with immaculate white sand beaches beneath your feet. These