Best online communities for nomads

Best online communities for nomads
Photo by Alesia Kazantceva / Unsplash

Being a nomad can get a bit lonely, especially for those that don't make friends easily. But luckily, like everything else about this lifestyle, making friends can be done with a digital approach too. There are so many wonderful online communities created specifically for nomads so finding like-minded people in similar situations and with similar interests just became much much easier.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular sites:

Nomadlist has become the most popular site for nomads all over the world. Their website provides a wealth of information about any country or even city that nomads frequent. Each city is ranked according to a large criteria such as internet speeds, weather, safety, cost of living and the friendliness of the locals. So if you're looking for your next destination, this site should definitely be on your research list. All members are able to leave reviews of cities so other nomads can benefit from each other's experiences. There is also a large online community that you can chat to and arrange meetups with other members in your area. Unfortunately there is a fee involved for becoming a member but it's a small price to pay for the knowledge base and networking opportunity that you'll gain.

Nomadsoulmates is a site for those nomads who are looking for love while on the road. Simply become a member via their website and an invitation will be sent to you to download their app. They also have a Facebook group with over 15 000 members and regularly arrange meetings, speed dating evenings and other dating events specifically for nomads. is another all-in-one site for all of your travelling needs. Sign up for access to city guides, remote job adverts, discounts from hotels and of course, a large online community. They also have a blog section with traveling tips, nomad specific news articles and country guides. The site has various packages to fit all budgets, including a free option.

Social Media groups

There are many Facebook groups for nomads as well as subreddits on Reddit. A simple search on these sites will provide a wealth of options to choose from.

Some of the more popular ones on Facebook are:

Female Digital nomads - For all the ladies looking for a safe space to chat and meet up.

Nomadbase - This online community allows members to share experiences and connect with fellow nomads. There are also job related questions and tips on a regular basis.

Digital nomad accommodation & co-housing - This a great group for nomads looking for their next place to stay. Members post adverts for full villas available to rent, airbnbs, single rooms within their homes or single people looking to share with others. A great option if you're tired of browsing sites like Airbnb or are just looking for a bargain.

With so many options to choose from (and more being created every day) finding friends will be a piece of cake!