Best sites to find accommodation while nomading

Best sites to find accommodation while nomading

Where to stay is probably the most important question to ask once you decide on your next country to visit. Once you have a roof over your head, the rest of your trip can be planned around that. However, it's not always easy to find a trustworthy and safe space these days. Thankfully, there are now many sites aimed at helping nomads specifically to find suitable accommodation. We've made a list of some of the best options for you:


Airbnb, although not designed just for nomads, is still the most popular option for making contact with willing hosts. It has the most listings by far and is available in almost every country you can think of.


Anyplace is a site specifically for remote workers to find accommodation that suits your needs. You'll find co-living options, private flats or houses and even extended stay hotels. There are listings in all major cities across the globe and all properties are vetted to ensure  they meet all requirements for nomads. Bookings are usually for 30 days but this can be flexible if needed.


Floasis is a fairly new option that also requires all properties to be vetted before activating the listing. Explore their listings based on what you want to achieve from your stay; Looking for a beach holiday or somewhere to focus solely on work? They will have options for you. They also have a large community for nomads to connect and share tips and experiences.

Nomad Stays

Nomad Stays offers nomad friendly accommodations that can be instantly booked and provide all inclusive quotes so you don't have to worry about hidden fees upon arrival. They currently have listings in 63 countries.

Nomad Pass

Nomadpass offers the usual accommodation listing site and online community as well as team retreat deals in the Bay Area of USA. Their easy to use website makes finding a place super simple.


Currently only available in Copenhagen, Vienna, and Amsterdam, Zoku offers nomads co-living apartments with private rooms with bed,bathroom and work space as well as the option to use the communal kitchen, work spaces and event space. This gives you the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people while still having peace and quiet to work when needed.