Finding other nomads in other countries

Are you planning a trip to a popular nomad destination? Why not check out these local community groups? They can be a great source for finding accommodation, booking a co-working space, meeting other nomads in the area and even getting recommendations from the locals for good food and entertainment spots.

Let's take a look at some popular options:


Facebook group, Digital nomads Bali, is your go-to group for all info needed. With over 33 000 active members there is always something to read on this group. There are many events to get involved in, from charity work to evenings of dancing and partying.

Website,, is your very own digital tour guide to everything Bali related. There are travel deals to help you get the best price for your trip, entire experiences to participate in, visa assistance, an events page, and recommendations for the best hotels and restaurants


Facebook group, Digital nomads Portugal, has over 14 000 members and is affiliated to which is an online community with groups in various countries. They have a blog section with tips, hacks and special offers for nomads as well as an events page with the latest gatherings.

Greece has all of the info you need when staying in Greece. They are currently offering a "Workation" on Ikaria Island which costs from about 950 euro for a 2 week stay and includes: 14 days (13 nights) accommodation, your choice of surfing OR  Boxing OR Pilates, destination orientation, after work events, transfer from and to the airport/port, unlimited wifi sim card. Limited spots are available so book fast!

South Africa

Facebook groups, Digital nomads of South Africa or the more area specific Cape Town digital nomads both have very active members who are always ready to help with advice. There also are many profiles on Instagram as well, such as Wheretonext_Sa that provide travel inspiration from all over South Africa.

Bulgaria isn't simply a co-working space website. This site has grown into a large community that offers members, a space to work, meet new people, learn valuable skills and get to know Bansko. They also have a Facebook group with over 5000 members.

Sites like and also have very comprehensive guides on all of the most popular destinations, including all spots listed here. Check them out for a good overview of your next destination.