Flights to South Africa

Flights to South Africa

There are many options for flights into South Africa, with all leading international airlines making stops in at least one of the 4 international airports.

The most popular and largest airport is situated in Johannesburg with the Cape Town airport coming in a close second. Many travelers advise checking plane ticket prices to both airports as flights to Johannesburg tend to be a bit cheaper, even with a domestic flight to your destination added in.

Most travel websites suggest the best month to fly to South Africa is between February and May as tickets are cheapest. They also recommend booking flights on weekdays, except around school holidays and public holidays for the best possible prices.

Flight times to Joburg Airport:

New York, USA       - JNB - 15h10 non stop

Frankfurt, Germany     - JNB - 10h35 non stop

Zurich, Switzerland  -    JNB - 10h35 non stop

Amsterdam, Netherlands   -    JNB     -  10h45 non stop

Paris, France -   JNB -   10h35 non stop

Istanbul, Turkey   -   JNB -   09h50 on stop

London, UK   -   JNB - 11h25 non stop

Hong Kong -   JNB -   13h15 non stop

Perth, Australia -   JNB -   10h50 non stop

Beunos Aires, Argentina -   JNB -  09h25 non stop

Dubai, UAE   -   JNB -   08h10 non stop

Nairobi, Kenya -   JNB    -  04h10 non stop

Flight times to Cape Town Airport:

London, UK   -   CPT - 11h30 non stop

Singapore -   CPT - 13h55 one stop

Abu Dhabi, UAE -   CPT - 13h40 one stop

Windhoek, Namibia  -   CPT - 02h10 non stop

Domestic flights:

Joburg - Cape Town - 02h10

Joburg - Port Elizabeth - 01h40

Joburg   - Durban - 01h10

Cape Town   - Port Elizabeth - 01h10

Cape Town   - Durban - 01h55

Durban    - Port Elizabeth - 01h20