How to stay healthy while traveling

How to stay healthy while traveling
Photo by Bruno Nascimento / Unsplash

Staying healthy on the road can be challenging. The constant change in routine, location and maybe even jet lag can cause a lack of motivation to get up and do those squats or eat that salad. So how do you avoid falling into the trap of holiday laziness? Here are some ideas:

Short exercise routines

Keep it simple, stupid. Don't underestimate the power of the simple 10 minute work out session. Create a plan for a full body workout that can be done quickly and in the comfort of your own home (or Airbnb) Look at squats, jumping jacks, sit ups, yoga, etc. Youtube is bursting with at-home workouts that you can follow. These short sessions can be slotted in at any time during your day and can keep you active with minimal effort.

Get your walking shoes ready

Invest in a great pair of walking or hiking shoes and explore your new city in the best way possible, on foot! You'll see so many sights that you may have otherwise missed while also staying healthy along the way. Most cities have great hiking trails which are also great options.


It's important to have some self control when it comes to food. Don't be scared to try out the local cuisine. You'll find some amazing, healthy dishes to try that will taste 100 times better than McDonalds or KFC.

When booking your accommodation, make sure you get a place with a functional kitchen. Cooking home cooked, healthy meals with local ingredients is also a great way to stay healthy as well as keeping your budget on track.

Will Power

Your biggest challenge will be yourself. Stopping yourself from giving in and buying that second piece of cake or helping of fries will be the toughest part of your trip. It's OK to indulge and treat yourself every once in a while but keep it at a minimum.

Be strict with your work outs as well; Don't skip more than 2 days at a time and if you do skip, make sure you make up for it later.

Mobile apps

There are many mobile apps for both Android and Apple users hat can help with keeping you on track and reaching your goals, whether they are to lose weight or just to keep a record of when and what exercises you plan to do. These apps can be a blessing if you tend to procrastinate or lack motivation.

Staying healthy on the road doesn't have to be tedious and time consuming. There are so many ways for you to make it fun and easily incorporate it in to your day-to-day schedule. Just remember to have fun and get creative!