Kenya vs. Tanzania: Which African safari is better?

Kenya vs. Tanzania: Which African safari is better?
Photo by Ashim D’Silva / Unsplash

When one thinks of a real African safari experience, Kenya and Tanzania always come to mind. Both countries have spectacular excellent game-watching, many bucket-list activities that defy comparison, and amazing African scenery. However, because of its worldwide renown, many tourists are left wondering: Which of the two gives the most pleasing safari experience, Kenya or Tanzania?

· The Scenery

Kenya and Tanzania are comparable regarding landscape and the type of mood the nation presents. This is mainly because the two safari nations are located along the Indian Ocean, share a border and have a similar climate, divided into two seasons: rainy and dry.

Kenya's terrain is dominated by hills in the center, fertile plains in the west, and sandy beaches on the coast. Conversely, Tanzania has comparable variety but is approximately one and a half times bigger.

· Birdlife & Wildlife

Kenya's wildlife is undeniably beautiful, particularly in the country's renowned Masai Mara safari area. Aside from the migrating species that visit in July, Kenya is most famous for being a great site to watch big cats. It is also home to numerous endangered black rhinos and unusual creatures such as the Sitatunga.

But, if we narrow it down to just one country, Tanzania comes out on top - hands down. The density and diversity of creatures in this vast territory are astounding, nearly ensuring a life-changing encounter. It has the world's highest concentration of animals per square kilometer.

Both countries provide world-class birdwatching opportunities. Tanzania has nearly 1,000 bird species identified, whereas Kenya has 1,135 bird species.

· Infrastructure for tourism

Kenya is more prosperous than Tanzania, and its infrastructure and tourist infrastructure are better developed. For example, although being substantially smaller than Tanzania, Kenya has about double the length of paved roads as its southern neighbor. Kenya offers more lodging options than Tanzania, with more hotels and lodges.

Kenya also has more taxis in its cities and institutions that can convert major currencies for Kenyan shillings, demonstrating its more robust infrastructure. Kenya also has more railroads, a convenient way to navigate the country.

· A more secure country

Tanzania is now a safer place to visit than Kenya. Kenya's problems include urban crime, political violence, internally displaced peoples, and terrorism. Traveling with a reputed tour operator will reduce your crime risk.

Tanzania, on the other hand, is a relatively safe destination for tourists. You should be cautious of your things in cities, just as in any other city worldwide. However, traveling within Tanzania is very secure, and while on safari, you can forget about anything but witnessing animals!

Closing comments

Any safari to Kenya or Tanzania will be a trip beyond your wildest expectations, whether you're a seasoned safari traveler or a first-time visitor. Tanzania is ideal if you want that exclusive experience and don't mind paying a little extra. However, if you are on a tight budget and want to have a beautiful safari experience, you should go to Kenya.