Making Espresso

Making Espresso

1. Take off the water tank cover (A), pour in cold water up to the top-most water level mark. Replace the water tank cover.

2. Turn on the espresso function by pressing the button at the very bottom of the control panel (P). A yellow indicator will start blinking to indicate pre-heating.

3. Remove the metal funnel (J) by turning it to the left. Add ground coffee into the steel insert (M) that is inside the funnel.

4. Press the ground coffee tightly with the tamper. You should still have
3 to 5 mm of space at the top of the insert after tamping. Place a wooden board beneath the tamper.

5. Once the yellow indicator has stopped blinking and the green indicator is on, the coffee maker is ready.

6. Place the funnel back into the snap and firmly turn it to the right until it is on the lock position.

7. Place your coffee cup underneath.

8.     On the right side of the machine, turn the dial towards you onto the position with the coffee cup symbol. The espresso will start dripping out. Once you have the desired amount of espresso in your cup (this will normally only take around 5 seconds), turn the dial back to the OFF position.

Note: As the espresso starts dripping out, the orange indicator will turn on again. This is normal. Just make sure it is back to green before making your next cup of espresso.

9. After making your espresso, you can remove the metal funnel again. By flipping up the little handle on the funnel, you can hold the steel insert in place while slamming the coffee grounds into the knock box. Then rinse the insert under the tap.