Remote jobs that anyone can do

Remote jobs that anyone can do
Photo by Helena Lopes / Unsplash

The most commonly asked question among nomad groups on Facebook is; How can I make enough money to start my nomad journey?

Unfortunately not everyone has a job that can easily be converted into remote work and as such, many aspiring nomads are left with the conundrum of either staying put and earning a stable income or quiting and find alternative sources of income that will sustain their travel desires.

So here's a list of possibilities for you to try that don't require specialized knowledge;

Drop shipping

This has become a global phenomenon with many people trying it out. The basic idea is to connect with a supplier (usually direct with a factory). You then market the products on a website or on social media but the supplier fulfills any orders. This means you have no upfront costs with stock and no hassle with shipping. Have a look at this blog post for a guide to get started.

If you already have a successful blog (like most travelers do) you could offer paid memberships with extra content to your subscribers. This will only be viable if you already have a huge following though so perhaps keep it as a secondary income stream.

Affiliate Marketing

Many companies offer affiliate marketing opportunities whereby you join and sell their products for a commission percentage. You then also recruit other marketers to join as well. The more you recruit and sell, the higher your earnings will be.

Amazon also has an affiliate marketing program for US citizens where you can sign up and get links to certain products. If someone purchases the product through your link then they give you a commission.

Freelance work

Websites like Upwork are a great way to offer your services for contract work. However, being contract work, it can lead to irregular work gigs. Types of services on offer are web and advert design, ghost writing, art commissions, and virtual assistants.

Sell photos

If you are handy with a camera you can sell your images online. Sites like Shutterstock have an option for paid contributors where you get paid a certain amount every time your image is used.

If you're a decent designer, Canva also offers a similar set up for template designers.


The saying "Where there's a will, there's a way" can be applied to this scenario. If you want to make being a nomad, nothing will stop you!

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