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  • South Africa's Thrilling Adventures: Work Hard, Play Harder

    So, gear up and get ready to explore the wild side of this incredible country, where you can work hard and play even harder!
  • Exploring the South African Digital Nomad Visa: A Game-Changer for Remote Workers

    In a bold move to attract international talent and bolster its economy, South Africa has recently announced the launch of its groundbreaking Digital Nomad Visa. This innovative visa program aims to tap into the growing trend of remote work and position South Africa as an alluring destination for digital nomads.
  • New digital nomad visa planned for Spain

    Great news! In the hopes of attracting more travelers to their shores, the Spanish government has announced it's intention to create a Digital Nomad visa and although details are still forthcoming, here is what we do know so far; Validity: This info has not been confirmed as yet, however it