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  • Digital nomad communities in Portugal

    If you're new to the nomad lifestyle and not quite sure where to start, a good option might be to visit an established nomad community. These communities offer you a sort of One Stop Shop for all of your nomad needs. You'll have a place to stay, a place to
  • The best destinations to visit in September

    Looking for your next travel destination for September? Here are some great options to consider: Barcelona Avoid the most hectic summer crowds but still enjoy amazing weather in September. There is also the annual Summer festival, La Mercé, which will be held between 23 & 26 September. You can expect
  • Frequently asked questions about traveling to South Africa

    So you're interested in a summer holiday on the South African coast but have some questions. How do you get to your destination from the airport? Will your Airbnb have a pet lion? (no, they wont). Will the locals understand English? All valid questions that we will attempt to answer