How to be a digital nomad with kids

How to be a digital nomad with kids
Photo by Aliko Sunawang / Unsplash

Gone are the days when digital nomads were all single 20-somethings looking for adventure. Now, more and more couples and families are taking the plunge and becoming nomads, carting their kids and even pets along for the ride.

Some might think that could become a nightmare (we've all been on a plane with a screaming baby or two) but many have found a way to make it work for them. Here are a few of their tips:

Plan ahead

Spontaneity does not work with kids so make sure you plan every step of your journey. The younger the kids, the more you need to plan. Ensure that all places you plan to visit are child friendly and obviously will need to appeal to children as well. If you have babies, remember to ask if your Airbnb or hotel has a cot or portable crib that you can use. While traveling, ensure you have enough snacks and activities to keep them entertained.


When nomading, the motto is Pack Light, but that's a bit difficult with kids. Try to purchase items that are multipurpose, like a stroller that has a detachable car seat or a diaper bag that has a built-in changing mat.

Your kid doesn't need 3 of the same shirt either. Consider creating a capsule wardrobe for all members of the family.

Keep toys to a minimum, basic educational things that you know they love playing with rather than the large teddy bear they are never interested in.


If your kids are of school going age, there are many home schooling options that will ensure your child still gets a great education while on the road. They can study while you complete your remote job, either at home or at a co-working office space, before heading out to the beach later.


Keep in mind that things can get lonely on the road and its vital for kids to have a chance to socialize with other kids their own age. Consider looking for youth groups or connecting with other nomad families via Facebook groups. If your kids like sports, look for clubs that cater to kids or look for public parks with sports facilities where families can hang out for free.

Be prepared for hiccoughs

No matter how much planning you put in, something will always go wrong along the way. A beloved toy will be left behind or your child will be sick. The best you can do is lower your expectations, keep your patience and put a smile on your face. Let yourself and your kids learn from each experience (the good and the bad) and, with time, things will start going more smoothly. And just remember, its not a race but more of a marathon!