Why Is Cape Town the Best City in South Africa?

Why Is Cape Town the Best City in South Africa?
Photo by kylefromthenorth / Unsplash

Few countries in the world combine some of life's greatest pleasures into one compact and easily accessible package: stunning natural beauty, fascinating history, thrilling adventure, delicious cuisine and wine, and some of the world's most spectacular animals. Cape Town, South Africa, does this.

1. The natural scenery is breathtaking

Look to see the beautiful Table Mountain from practically any point in or around Cape Town. At 1100 meters tall, it dominates the horizon around the city and is, without a doubt, Cape Town's most recognizable sight. If you become weary of watching it from below, climb the mountain to enjoy the view from a new angle. You may use the cable cars for a leisurely ride up or one of several paths ranging from 3-10 km to the peak.

Lion's Head, 670 meters above sea level, is just across from Table Mountain. A 5-kilometer trek to the peak delivers breathtaking vistas with little effort.

2. There is an adventure all around

This city's DNA is infused with adventure. In one day, you can trek, paraglide off mountains, and surf; if you're very adventurous, you can go cage diving with great white sharks. If you go to the Birkenhead Peninsula, you'll find many firms willing to safely take you out to witness one of the world's greatest marine predators. Bring your GoPro, but be cautious with the selfie stick.

3. Exceptional dining and drinking

The Garden Route is probably one of the most famous and lovely destinations to sip exceptional wines and enjoy excellent cuisine. Furthermore, it is conveniently accessible from the city. It has stunning coastline vistas, scenic lakes, and lovely farmlands, making it ideal for a road trip.

Here you'll discover some of South Africa's most significant and well-known wine-growing regions and vineyards, such as Constantia, Paarl, and Stellenbosch.

4. A rich and untainted past

A must-see is Robben Island, where South Africa's former president and most famous civil rights campaigner Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Robben Island was utilized as a criminal jail by the Dutch before becoming a prison used by the apartheid-era South African government to imprison civil and political activists who challenged the regime.

Walking around the compound, you may view Mandela's cell, where he spent the last 18 years of his life. Stepping outside the enclosure provides a vista of Cape Town's magnificent skyline, which is eerily out of reach.

5. The Big Five (up close and personal)

The Garden Route Game Lodge is an excellent location for viewing the legendary "Big 5": the African leopard, African elephant, African lion, Rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo. Take a sunset safari in the back of an open Land Rover with binoculars and cameras. Sunrise safaris are also spectacular, especially if you stay overnight to see lions and other large animals at their most active.

Doesn't this all seem a bit too wonderful to be true? It's not. See and experience it for yourself.