Why we love Kenton-on-sea

Kenton-on-sea, situated along the Sunshine Coast of the Eastern Cape, is a small seaside hamlet that is best known for pristine beaches and quirky locals. But I like to think there is more to this sleepy village than meets the eye.

From sophisticated art studios to your choice of some of the top rated game reserves in the area, there is plenty to keep you enthralled and wanting more.

Let’s take a look at our top picks:


This one goes without saying, the beaches and rivers are simply spectacular. During the off seasons, you can easily find yourself completely alone with not another soul in sight for miles. During the summer months though, almost every square inch of sand is home to an umbrella, beach blanket or sand castle as the droves of holiday makers descend upon the area. You can expect many fun community activities during this time like sand castle building competitions, fun runs, group hikes and booze cruises up the river.


Heard of the Big Five? You can find them all within easy driving range of Kenton. We have world class game reserves such as Sibuya Game Reserve, Kariega Game Reserve, Oceana Wildlife Park and Addo Elephant Park right on our doorstep. All reserves offer day trips and other packages that cater for all price points.


I understand that some days you need a break from the beach, either to let your sunburn heal or just to remind yourself that life still exists beyond sandy feet and wet towels. So why not take a stroll around the village and take in some of the art galleries, curio shops and various other interesting little shops in the village centre. You’ll no doubt find a gem or two!


Kenton is pretty well situated in terms of location to bigger cities. Just 15 miles away, you’ll find the slightly bigger town of Port Alfred with its Blue Flag beaches, Posh Marina and world class golf course. A little further away, yet still well worth a visit, is the historic town of Makhanda (formerly known as Grahamstown). This eclectic and vibrant town is home to some of the most beautiful historical buildings which house a melting pot of cultures and creeds. Special mention must be made of the ever popular Arts Festival which takes place over June and July each year. The festival has something for everyone, from comedy shows, all types of dance acts and other performance arts as well as an impressive array of street stalls.


Working remotely from Kenton is a breeze from your home office or nearest coffee shop. Internet speeds are very reliable with many companies offering affordable wifi, LTE or satellite packages. Your only difficulty will be concentrating on the task at hand with the inviting sounds of crashing waves and noisy seagulls!

During 2021, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, house sales & rentals in Kenton hit an all-time high as remote workers from all over the country realized they could work from anywhere.  There must be a very good reason a fair few of them decided to settle in our beautiful Kenton-on-Sea!