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  • The Nomad Base Live Convention is coming to Cape Town

    Are you a digital nomad currently in or thinking of going to Cape Town within the next few weeks? You've chosen the perfect time! Not only is the weather spectacular this time of year but there is also a huge digital nomad convention being held in November. The Nomad Base
  • Finding a community in popular nomad destinations

    Are you planning a trip to a popular nomad destination? Why not check out these local community groups? They can be a great source for finding accommodation, booking a co-working space, meeting other nomads in the area and even getting recommendations from the locals for good food and entertainment spots.
  • Best online communities for nomads

    Being a nomad can get a bit lonely, especially for those that don't make friends easily. But luckily, like everything else about this lifestyle, making friends can be done with a digital approach too. There are so many wonderful online communities created specifically for nomads so finding like-minded people in
  • Italian digital nomad community

    Following on a previous post this week about the amazing communities growing in Portugal, we thought we'd do a similar post on another such community in Italy. Trento remote is situated in the picturesque city of Trentino, in Northern Italy. The area is famous for its mountain ranges, lakes, and
  • Digital nomad communities in Portugal

    If you're new to the nomad lifestyle and not quite sure where to start, a good option might be to visit an established nomad community. These communities offer you a sort of One Stop Shop for all of your nomad needs. You'll have a place to stay, a place to