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  • Whale watching spots in South Africa

    Part 2 We all know Hermanus takes the number 1 spot for whale watching towns in South Africa, but where else can you see them? Let's find out: Local is lekker - Kenton-on-sea is lucky to have many beautiful beaches in the area that are perfect for whale watching. For
  • Best Places to Stay in South Africa

    The most challenging part of organizing a vacation to South Africa is determining where to stay in South Africa. There are so many great locations to stay in South Africa that managing your itinerary and figuring out where to stay might be tiring. That is why we have listed the
  • South Africa's best kept secret - PART 1

    When you think of South Africa, you generally think of Cape Town, Johannesburg or wildlife reserves. These are all great things but it's just the tip of the iceberg. There are some hidden gems around the country that can offer everything the big cities can provide and more. You'll have
  • Why Kenton-on-Sea is the perfect spot for digital nomads

    Little old Kenton has much to offer the wondering soul. Being pretty much unknown among the global community, Kenton is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Let's take a look at what it can offer you; #1 The beaches & riversThis is an obvious drawing point
  • Learn the local South African lingo

    Because local is lekker 🤙 Every country has its own unique slang language that the locals love to use and South Africa is no different. The melting pot of cultures, races and nationalities has created a very colorful vocab that can be quite foreign to visitors. So here's a quick summary