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  • How to stay productive while working remotely

    One of the hardest things about being a nomad is managing your work-life balance. It can be so easy to fall into the bottomless pit of work work work with no personal time or on the other hand, play play play with no time to get to your work tasks.
  • Finding a community in popular nomad destinations

    Are you planning a trip to a popular nomad destination? Why not check out these local community groups? They can be a great source for finding accommodation, booking a co-working space, meeting other nomads in the area and even getting recommendations from the locals for good food and entertainment spots.
  • Best online communities for nomads

    Being a nomad can get a bit lonely, especially for those that don't make friends easily. But luckily, like everything else about this lifestyle, making friends can be done with a digital approach too. There are so many wonderful online communities created specifically for nomads so finding like-minded people in
  • Italian digital nomad community

    Following on a previous post this week about the amazing communities growing in Portugal, we thought we'd do a similar post on another such community in Italy. Trento remote is situated in the picturesque city of Trentino, in Northern Italy. The area is famous for its mountain ranges, lakes, and
  • Digital nomad communities in Portugal

    If you're new to the nomad lifestyle and not quite sure where to start, a good option might be to visit an established nomad community. These communities offer you a sort of One Stop Shop for all of your nomad needs. You'll have a place to stay, a place to
  • It's the swallow's life for me

    Imagine never having to experience Winter.. Cold, rainy, dreary.. Eww. But never mind, it's easier than ever to avoid the dark clouds and the cold spells. Summer is just a plane ticket away! Like swallows, many people have opted to travel the world in constant search of warmer weather. So
  • Why Kenton-on-Sea is the perfect spot for digital nomads

    Little old Kenton has much to offer the wondering soul. Being pretty much unknown among the global community, Kenton is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Let's take a look at what it can offer you; #1 The beaches & riversThis is an obvious drawing point
  • Do you need a VPN as a nomad?

    What is a VPN?A Virtual Private Network or VPN provides an encrypted server and hides your IP address from corporations, government agencies and hackers. Why you need one 1. A VPN will protect your private data whilst working on a public network like an internet cafe. Public networks are
  • The best gadgets for nomads

    Whether you are a tech savvy nomad or an old school traveler with a vintage approach to gadgets, everyone needs some tech to survive on the long road. Although much can be accomplished with the humble smartphone, sometimes more is needed. Some basics to include in your backpack are: Smartphone
  • 5 Best travel insurance companies for nomads

    Having travel insurance has gone from being a luxury that few had to something necessary, not only for your peace of mind but for Visa purposes, as many countries insist on proof of insurance upon entering their territory. With so many options to choose from, it can get confusing so
  • Best sites to find accommodation while nomading

    Where to stay is probably the most important question to ask once you decide on your next country to visit. Once you have a roof over your head, the rest of your trip can be planned around that. However, it's not always easy to find a trustworthy and safe space
  • Best jobs for digital nomads

    The digital nomad lifestyle is seeing a huge surge in popularity at the moment, due mostly to the fact that many employers allowed workers to continue working remotely even after the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions were lifted. Many workers realized that their work does not require them to be stuck in
  • Learn the local South African lingo

    Because local is lekker 🤙 Every country has its own unique slang language that the locals love to use and South Africa is no different. The melting pot of cultures, races and nationalities has created a very colorful vocab that can be quite foreign to visitors. So here's a quick summary
  • Living off the beaten path

    Life in Kenton-on-Sea Nicknamed the Barefoot Capital, our happy little village, tucked away between Two rivers and bordering the warm Indian Ocean, has all the charm and charisma that you would expect from a holiday destination. You'll enjoy the laid back lifestyle and friendly nature of the residents, most of
  • Welcome to the Eastern Cape

    The Eastern Cape, our home province, has much to offer any traveler. No matter what your interests are, there will no doubt be some activities that pique your interest. We have everything from pristine beaches, forest hikes or segway tours, a giant pineapple, whale watching, brewery tours, safari adventures, seaside