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  • When to visit South Africa in 2023

    South Africa is a country of breathtaking natural beauty and a diverse range of cultures and wildlife. When to visit South Africa depends on your interests, budget, and the weather conditions that you prefer. In this post, we'll explore the best time to visit South Africa in 2023. Seasons in
  • Up coming Halloween events to check out in Cape Town

    Its spooky season and the Mother City is planning some spectacular events! Although Halloween isn't as widely popular as other countries, bigger cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg can be counted on to give you at least a few good options to choose from on the day. So if
  • The Nomad Base Live Convention is coming to Cape Town

    Are you a digital nomad currently in or thinking of going to Cape Town within the next few weeks? You've chosen the perfect time! Not only is the weather spectacular this time of year but there is also a huge digital nomad convention being held in November. The Nomad Base
  • Top 6 Surfing Spots in South Africa

    South Africa is a surfing destination, with about 2,500km (1,600 miles) of coastline facing the chilly and restless Atlantic and the balmy Indian Ocean. There are so many surfing places worth visiting that one visit is insufficient. Regardless of your surfing experience, whether novice or pro, South Africa
  • What Are the Best Universities in South Africa?

    The finest universities in South Africa are in high demand. These universities provide world-class education and have outstanding academic records. Students from throughout the country compete to study at these institutions. Furthermore, the universities listed below are among the top on the continent. Below we’ll discuss some of the
  • What is the best time to visit South Africa?

    South Africa has a lot to offer travelers, and it's not just because it's one of the top safari destinations in the world. South Africa has something for every type of traveler. The optimal time to visit will be determined by where you want to travel and what you want
  • Why Is Cape Town the Best City in South Africa?

    Few countries in the world combine some of life's greatest pleasures into one compact and easily accessible package: stunning natural beauty, fascinating history, thrilling adventure, delicious cuisine and wine, and some of the world's most spectacular animals. Cape Town, South Africa, does this. 1. The natural scenery is breathtaking Look
  • Where Is It Summer in November

    South Africa is a region of outstanding natural beauty and fascinating activities, from wildlife watching to metropolitan tourism and beachy weather. And, if you want to take advantage of the warm, quiet, and beautiful weather before it becomes too busy, visiting South Africa in November is a great idea. The
  • South Africa's best kept secret - PART 1

    When you think of South Africa, you generally think of Cape Town, Johannesburg or wildlife reserves. These are all great things but it's just the tip of the iceberg. There are some hidden gems around the country that can offer everything the big cities can provide and more. You'll have
  • Flights to South Africa

    There are many options for flights into South Africa, with all leading international airlines making stops in at least one of the 4 international airports. The most popular and largest airport is situated in Johannesburg with the Cape Town airport coming in a close second. Many travelers advise checking plane
  • Top Five travel destinations in South Africa

    According to South Africa is a large and very diverse country. We have all sorts of people, places, cultures and activities. But which cities do other nomads rate the highest? These stats are provided by and are based on user reviews: NUMBER 1: Cape TownRanked #15

    With the rise of the digital nomad era, the hunt is on for the best places to set up (temporary) shop. A home base to do your remote work in peace that still offers an intrepid traveler many opportunities to explore, learn new skills and make memories. The Two most