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  • Why Kenton-on-Sea is the perfect spot for digital nomads

    Little old Kenton has much to offer the wondering soul. Being pretty much unknown among the global community, Kenton is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Let's take a look at what it can offer you; #1 The beaches & riversThis is an obvious drawing point
  • Is being a digital nomad worth it?

    New nomads or people wanting to take the plunge and start their journey always ask the same question; Is being a nomad really worth it? And the answer isn't as simple as you might hope.. Yes and No. Like all lifestyles, there are good things and bad things about being
  • Packing for your next nomad journey

    When packing for extended trips, it can be difficult to decide on what to take and what to leave behind. Often, in the confusion, important things can be forgotten. So here are some helpful tips on how to simplify the packing process and make sure you have everything you need;
  • Frequently asked questions about traveling to South Africa

    So you're interested in a summer holiday on the South African coast but have some questions. How do you get to your destination from the airport? Will your Airbnb have a pet lion? (no, they wont). Will the locals understand English? All valid questions that we will attempt to answer
  • Living off the beaten path

    Life in Kenton-on-Sea Nicknamed the Barefoot Capital, our happy little village, tucked away between Two rivers and bordering the warm Indian Ocean, has all the charm and charisma that you would expect from a holiday destination. You'll enjoy the laid back lifestyle and friendly nature of the residents, most of
  • Welcome to the Eastern Cape

    The Eastern Cape, our home province, has much to offer any traveler. No matter what your interests are, there will no doubt be some activities that pique your interest. We have everything from pristine beaches, forest hikes or segway tours, a giant pineapple, whale watching, brewery tours, safari adventures, seaside
  • Digital nomad visa VS tourist visa

    The life of a digital nomad can be adventurous, fun and filled with wonderful memory making moments but there are down sides (not many though). For example, the task of arranging a visa for your next country can be a daunting process. Most countries have many visa options to choose

    With the popularity of the digital nomad lifestyle on the rise, many countries have sought to offer specialized visas in order to attract travelers. We've put together a list of some of the most popular countries and what they offer as well as countries who will soon be offering digital

    Often the most underrated continent when it comes to tourist destinations, Africa has some hidden gems that can surprise, enchant and enthrall visitors. Rich in natural beauty, diverse cultures and steeped in history; there really is something special for everyone no matter where you choose to visit. If you like

    South Africa has always been an extremely popular holiday destination for international tourists and as such, there are many many options available when it comes to short stay accommodation sites. These days, of course, the go-to site is Airbnb and with about 840 listings to choose from, it’s no

    Being a digital nomad might be fun and adventurous but unfortunately, most of us still need to work. Whether you need to hold a quick meeting or are just one of those people that focus better in an office environment, there is a big need for co-working spaces worldwide. With