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  • A guide to starting your digital nomad journey in 2023

    Welcome to the world of digital nomads! If you're tired of the 9-to-5 grind and craving a lifestyle of freedom, flexibility, and adventure, then becoming a digital nomad might just be your calling. The year 2023 is right around the corner and it's never too early to start planning for
  • Reduce your carbon footprint while traveling

    The travel industry is one of the biggest contributors to our planet's climate crisis at the moment and with more and more people traveling permanently, this is only going to get worse in the coming years. Because of this, it's imperative for each of us to ensure that we do
  • It's the swallow's life for me

    Imagine never having to experience Winter.. Cold, rainy, dreary.. Eww. But never mind, it's easier than ever to avoid the dark clouds and the cold spells. Summer is just a plane ticket away! Like swallows, many people have opted to travel the world in constant search of warmer weather. So
  • Monkeypox - Should you be worried?

    We've all heard the rumors of a new pandemic brewing worldwide. The word Monkeypox is spoken in hushed tones with mixed emotions of anxiety, nervousness and a sense of What next?!? But what is it really? The Monkeypox virus has actually been around since the 1970's and originated in Africa.
  • Living off the beaten path

    Life in Kenton-on-Sea Nicknamed the Barefoot Capital, our happy little village, tucked away between Two rivers and bordering the warm Indian Ocean, has all the charm and charisma that you would expect from a holiday destination. You'll enjoy the laid back lifestyle and friendly nature of the residents, most of
  • Top Five travel destinations in South Africa

    According to South Africa is a large and very diverse country. We have all sorts of people, places, cultures and activities. But which cities do other nomads rate the highest? These stats are provided by and are based on user reviews: NUMBER 1: Cape TownRanked #15
  • Welcome to the Eastern Cape

    The Eastern Cape, our home province, has much to offer any traveler. No matter what your interests are, there will no doubt be some activities that pique your interest. We have everything from pristine beaches, forest hikes or segway tours, a giant pineapple, whale watching, brewery tours, safari adventures, seaside
  • Digital nomad visa VS tourist visa

    The life of a digital nomad can be adventurous, fun and filled with wonderful memory making moments but there are down sides (not many though). For example, the task of arranging a visa for your next country can be a daunting process. Most countries have many visa options to choose

    With the rise of the digital nomad era, the hunt is on for the best places to set up (temporary) shop. A home base to do your remote work in peace that still offers an intrepid traveler many opportunities to explore, learn new skills and make memories. The Two most
  • 5 things we love about Kenton-On-Sea

    Kenton-on-sea, situated along the Sunshine Coast of the Eastern Cape, is a small seaside hamlet that is best known for pristine beaches and quirky locals. But I like to think there is more to this sleepy village than meets the eye. From sophisticated art studios to your choice of some